Adventure tours in Georgia

Mountaineering, Trekking, Ski touring, Cat skiing, Heli skiing and Ski mountaineering Tours

Explore the best tours with us!

Explore the best tours with us!
We offer professionally-qualified guided tours through Georgia and entire Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia, Turkey)


The mountain tours we offer include the highest and most popular peaks of the Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia, Russia and Turkey. Our range of mountaineering / climbing tours starts from the easiest difficulty and goes to the highest difficulty category. According to your desire and ability, you can choose a peak with us, which will leave a unique and full of emotions impression in your life.

Cat Skiing and Heli skiing

There are not many places on earth where you can plan this particularly enjoyable kind of winter vacation. Bakhmaro cat skiing resort and the mountainous region of Adjara are the places where in the villages torn from civilization, wooden huts hidden in the snow, pristine sliding slopes, special local cuisine, fun and new friends are waiting for you.

Ski Touring

Many regions of Georgia are especially popular for skiing - powder, varied slopes, beautiful pristine nature and pleasant atmosphere - all this is waiting for you during the skiing programs spent with us. The tours we offer are designed for both professional and intermediate skiers. Our certified, professional guides will take care of you to spend unforgettable winter or spring holidays in the Caucasus region.

Ski Mountaineering

For experienced skiers and experienced mountaineering guests, we offer unforgettable tours to Georgia, Armenia and Turkey, skiing from the highest peaks. Experience the thrill with us and test your own capabilities.


Georgia is perfect for trekking and hiking. Its pristine forests, alpine meadows, peaks, glaciers, lakes, ancient villages lost in the mountains, traditional cuisine and atmosphere make the tours we offer especially popular. You will definitely remember the days spent with us in Tusheti or Svaneti, Khevi or Khevsureti, Racha-Lechkhumi or Samegrelo. Our professional team will take care of your comfort and safety throughout the tour.